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2013. jún. 18.

Egg magazin - június

2 megjegyzés :

  1. I was just gonna say how much I love your blog design, it`s so sweet!!!

    Japanese magazines are so crazily inspiring... But I always feel I am too old or too fat to follow hahaha When I went to Japan I felt so depressed when shopping, because I was a whale for them lol At least in 109 shibuya oh my...

    1. Dear Evgenia Bruk!

      Thank you very much! ^_^
      I'm glad you like my blog! :)
      Do not be sad because of your weight.
      Japan mean that everyone is so thin.
      I'm 62kg, but there are likely to think of fat in Asia. :D haha

      Oh and the most important!
      You're never old enough! :)


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